Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Highlights

The months not out yet and I still have a studio day to go along with a couple of other shoots but couldn't resist posting this blog now! This month has seen me up as far as Newcastle and as far south as Weston-Super-Mare... on the same tour ;) 886 miles [not inc the bloomin diversions...] and 3 shoots in 6 days, one of which was 2 days long... Here's my picture story from Falmouth to Newcastle and places in between! If you could help me pick out some favourites to add to my portfolios again, then that would be awesome! Thank you!

First up Bocote from our shoot together in Mayfield Studio, Newcastle. Make Up By Kristina. Nudes, lingerie and latex. I love diversity on a shoot, and to date Bocote and I had always worked on location, usually focusing on art nude, so it was great to create some different styles together. Very much looking forward to our shoot in Sept in the Lake District with THE most amazing line up ;)

Andy Green was my gracious host oop Norf and we had 3 days shooting together. Andy has an amazing live/work space [inc underfloor heating ladies!] and creates these elaborate sets for you to pose in. Very interesting shoots with Andy as I'm not usually around when people create sets so it was great to see this way of working. He also has the most amazing range of outfits and props! You'll never run out of things to shoot if you work with Andy :D Thanks also for your hospitality Andy!

Cape from Mother Earth, Louth

Corset by Lady Lucie

 My last stop was Weston-Super-Mare. I drove down the night before and had a wonderful catch up with the beautiful Anita De Bauch, who like me has relocated in the South West. She's in Somerset so everytime I am leaving/returning to Cornwall we try and meet up and this time was no different. If you want a pro model Anita is in easy reach of the South Coast, Bristol, Wales and Gloucestershire. Thanks for putting me up and letting me indulge in kitty cuddles my lovely!

My shoot in W-S-M was with two photographers, Porlus and Niall. We shot a range of latex, lingerie, portraits and fashion nude works. It was so much fun, a really lovely way to end my tour and completing the mammoth round trip back to my man and my pooch. Thank you for a great shoot you two! [Still can't believe I got the car out that space...]

This one by Nial

These by Porlus.

Lastly, I was reviewing old images that I have taken yesterday and beautiful Ivory Flame reminded me of this image I had never edited. Taken at the Pit and Pendulum last year with the camera on timer and balanced on a chair and Major having been convinced he didn't need to photo bomb every darn shot. I have a few more of these that I'll post another time...

When Flamer uploaded this to purpleport she called it 'Got my Back' with this caption 'With my art nude partner, the brilliant Madame Bink, from our first session at the awesome Pit Studio last year!' I couldn't give it a better name. This was taken whilst I was in the throws of confusion, trying to get a roof over my head, money in my pocket and dealing with heart ache. There for me every step of the way with a place to sleep, clothes for me to wear and endless love and encouragement to return to modeling full time and move forwards happily. Thank you for always for always being the one who's 'Got my Back'.


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