Friday, April 3, 2015

March Highlights

March saw me on tour in Scotland and Somerset mainly... Hellllloooooo second home Scotland, old friends and new ones. Love working up there. It's the first place I toured as a full time model at 18 and I've made regular visits ever since! This trip was a lovely mix of people I have worked with numerous times as well as some new ones. Focusing mainly around Edinburgh but I did nip to Dundee too. My last shoot in fact, and from Dundee I drove to the Lake District to meet my partner and then we drove back to Cornwall. Long day. Little Major had a fab time meeting everyone too - thanks to all who welcomed him into their homes/studios.

All round I had a great trip and I'm loving the image I've seen so far... I'll show you in a moment...

The only hindrance was my car blowing up, and has been abandoned in Scotland. I need to go get it fixed so I can continue touring. If any one has been thinking about booking me, and hasn't, anywhere in the UK now would be an awesome time to get in touch, it would really help me.
I was only at home a couple of days before I headed off for a couple of jobs in Somerset, which aside from the insanely stormy weather I had to drive through to get there had no hiccups - hurrah! Thank you!

These shots taken by Brian Millar who was kind enough to host both Major and I for a day in his studio in Edinburgh. Brian is holding a workshop with myself as the model in September. If you'd like to come along contact one of us for more details....

Now a few from Jim in Dundee, somehow we'd managed not to work together before but I am very pleased we have now! Thanks for these shots Jim and for not minding my newly purchased banger sitting outside your place - it's died now by the way! ;) I really love the gentle lighting and the beautiful tones.

Another shoot in Scotland, just outside of Edinburgh is with husband and wife team 'Figure and Form'. I've been working with these two beauts for years now, they are friends and I always look forward to shooting with them at their fabby home studio. This shoot was no different, thanks guys! They've just launched their website, and I urge you to check it out!

And now, whizzing to the other end of the country to Somerset! First up a couple from VicPics who kindly welcomed both myself and Major into his home for our shoot together... as usual Major sneaked in on a few shots ;)

Then we dashed off to Studio CC to work with Ghostlight! I LOVED the studio space, I'm going to arrange a studio day there later this year before I move north. If you'd be interested in booking an hour or two get in touch @ :)  Ghostlight was fun to work with and we shot ALOT of sets in our time together, and I have never known so many images be put online so quickly - go Ghostlight! There's still a couple of sets to come but here are a few faves so far :)

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