Thursday, March 8, 2012

At Paul's

I regularly work at Paul's Studio in Tilehurst, for both lighting workshops and 1:1 studio sessions but it's been ages since I got to work with Paul himself. So pleased we got the opportunity the other week to grab some shots. This is just a small selection of the photos, I loved so many but have whittled it down to a blog sized amount. They are all unretouched bar being turned to black and white and water marked. What you see is what you get when you book me. I might blog more of them later but for now take a look! Let me know which one if your favourite!

I'll also be modeling at the Wales workshop, organised by Paul. There will be 4 other models including the very talented Miss Pixie and Cheryl Elizabeth. Yay! Very excited to spend a weekend shooting with these wonderful people. To join us on our photoshoot adventure click here.

Click on photos to make them bigger-er ;) 


Holly - Ivory Flame said...

I love 3, 6 and 7 - god you hot thing. And 9/10 of the ones in pants. But I think 7 is my fave cuz you just look amazing - incredible legs, body, attitude and confidence - OUCH!! ;-)

Urban Pope said...

yes, 7's the one!
It's the attitude and perfect pose that strikes me

RandJ-Photo said...

My votes are for 1 and 6.

#1 for that waist length hair framing your face and body.

#6 for the way the light is more gentle on your curves and brings out teh dimension to your shape.

Jeremy Pearse said...

They are all simply stunning!

formwandler-organa genitalia said...

A woman with pubic hair. I find very beautiful.