Monday, March 26, 2012


Yet another successful shoot with Glenn working on a black and white series this time. Lots of fun as always. Thank you Glenn! Pulling clothes on and off, swopping lights about, giggling over coffee and dancing away in front of the computer with spotify on! Very much looking forward to working with Glenn again at the end of the month.

Last week saw me  heading to London, time with friends staying with the ever gorgeous Anita De Bauch before jetting off to Portugal on Sunday morning for week a of fun in the sun! Lucky Binky! Photos to follow from Portugal soon ;) 

Let me know what photo is your favourite <3 Remember to click on photos to make them bigger-er ;)


Holly - Ivory Flame said...

Ooh you gorgeous girl! Love 1, 3 and the last one - lush posing, great use of the clothing & textures & fab lighting

MadameBink said...

Thanks Flamer <3