Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Journey

I see life as a journey, we don't live to have regrets or for any specific purpose. We may find a cause to which we are suited, we may. Life is about learning and growing, basic needs and interests drive us to be who we are & what we will become. Travelling through this journey working as a model you can really see these things. A models life is captured in images. Good days and the bad days. We wouldn't know what the good times were without the bad, and the same applies to images. Every model has an image or images of themselves that they don't like for what ever reason, but without these images we wouldn't appreciate the truely great ones.

I've met alot of people during my time as a model. I've been in transit for over two and half years. I call my Dad's house home, but I'm lucky if I'm there more then 3 times a year. I travel around, England, Europe, the world. It's too easy. You just go online, book your ticket and off you go. The more I travel round this world of ours the more I realize that places are magical and beautiful. They can move you, quieten you or energize you. But it’s the people you meet along the way that make it an experience. Turn you from an observer into a participant. They include you and make you a part of the scene in which you find yourself. I do photoshoots as I go along, always hoping to do some location work in every new place I go to capture it how it was when I was there, to be a part of it. It's then the images that capture these moments and make them last forever.

Looking back on images make me smile and some times make me sad. I like feeling both, remembering that point in time. The conversations that were had, the experience of that shoot or place. How that person & time has influenced me & my life now. There are too many wonderful, beautiful people that I have met to even begin to list them all here but there are some influencial ones. People that have really shaped and moulded how I think, feel and act without knowing it. They are people that I can not imagine being without & people that will continue to inspire me.

Alex Ingram

Alex Ingram is a photographer based up in the Highlands of Scotland. Scotland is one of my favourite places in the world. It's got a ruggid beauty that sweeps you into a magical world where nothing but you and the mountains & lochs seem to exist. I first worked with Alex in Scotland, and have since been there 4 times. Alex has become a friend, as well as the taker of my favourite image. Alex really works with his models, he truly believes in it to be a collaboration. I enjoy the trust that we have, and I know he shares with other models, that I can pose and he will capture it. There have been times when we have had to communicate with hand signals as I have been too far away to hear him but the images always work out. Always working on location, every shoot still holds vivid memories for me. Be it just how cold that waterfall was or how high that rock in Sedonna is, it's fantastic. Alex has a way of harnessing natural light no matter what the conditions.


I first worked with IvoryFlame in 2007. I was incredibley excited to meet and work with her, I travelled 6 hours on the train each way just to do so. She was the model that I saw the work of when I first started and just thought "wow, this is what I want to be doing". Since then I have the pleasure to call her my friend. I know I can rely on her. IvoryFlame has taught me to appreciate myself and my existance more. To love myself. And if I'm not I know she'll be the first person to turn around and give me a compliment to pick me up again. Since that first shoot we have come along way, studio days and tours under our belt and more to come. We have worked in 3 different continents together as well as around Europe. She consistantly produces jaw dropping work with people & is an inspiration to many. I'll always feel proud to have worked with her & Feel happiness as I look back on our images. I check her portfolio every time I log on to check my mail, just incase theres something new there. You can view more of her work at : www.ivoryflame.co.uk - her beautiful website.

Mick Waghorne

Mick. I always look forward to shooting with Mick. I swear his favourite pastime is seeing just how far he can push my good nature! Shoots are always eventful and time passes quickly, it helps that he always has my favourite sandwiches in for lunch too. When in the UK I work with Mick around once a month & things have never gotten boring. Normally in the studio Mick has really mastered his lighting technique. I can spot one of his images a mile off which is something that is often hard for photographers to achieve; that distinction from everybody else, but Mick's got it. He's very honest in what he likes and doesn't like but then acts on it to improove on what we have already captured & pushes me to do better too. He doesn't just accept it, he wants to do if you can do more & this attitude really does make you want to do more somehow. Even though sometimes it's not physically possible. I've had to remind him a few times that I simpley don't have a joint half way down my calf so no my leg can't go there. Mick makes me smile & his images are all over my portfolio, I feel that our working relationship is as good as it gets & that makes me very happy.

Adam Robertson

I've been talking to Adam online throughout my modelling career. Always planned to do a shoot, and 2 and a bit years later we got round to doing it. Both of our work has changed and developed a lot since we first talked and it was with great anticipation that we did our first shoot. We got on very well online & so I was hopeful it would be the same during the shoot. It was, so much so we had to pause from shooting cause my tummy hurt too much from giggling. We form Team Binkertson - see what we did there?! Adam and I shot art nude, corsets and latex. We got images that really stand out from the rest of my portfolio cause they are so different. Adam keeps me laughing no matter what is going on in my life, he doesn't even mind when I ring him from Australia and wake him up at silly AM. He's just a human shaped ball of happy.

Modelling is a journey, we all learn as we go. About our job, the people we work with, the world we live in. It's all important. I have so many people to thank for helping me be be, to do the things I do. I can't mention everyone in one post, so expect there to be more like this in the future.

Thank you & love you all,


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awwwwww i got a mention... :D love you binky! i'd be pretty lost without you in my life right now!! you keep me in line!! :) can't wait to pick you up from Le Airport!