Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Moving on again

Last day in Perth after over 2 weeks here this time. I'm heading on to Brisbane and then back to Melbourne. I'm excited, I've had itchy feet for a few days now - I'm not used to spending this much time in the same place.

Perth has been an experience. I've had no money, been mooching about as part of a group rather then by myself, staying in what is possibley the worst hostel in the world & done sweet F.A for the most part. Too much has happened to comment on really, I'll know doubt be referring back to various goings on from here in future blogs.

I don't think I've ever enjoyed rain so much as I have here, there's been a few storms, lots of wind. I've been out in flipflops splashing about in puddles, even going to the river to spash about in the shore there too.

I've spent the majority of my time with 3 English guys, infact I haven't done much without them. I've had a tonne of fun with them & have got so many happy memories that will have me chuckling for a long time. I hope I get to meet up with them all again on their travels. So a big thank you to (L-R) Jason, Steve and Rich - I love you all :) x

Binky & the boys (L-R) J, Steve, Bink, Rich ^

just cause Steve likes this one ^

Steve, Anna & Rich - wannabe art nude (deco) models pointing their toes ^

The hostels an interesting place, it's very run down. The ceilings falling down on the 2nd floor, the 3rd floor is totally out of bounds. There's spashed windows, broken doors. It's got character thats for sure. Smoking is only in outside areas, or first floor balconies, but every one smokes on the 2nd floor balcony, and many of us in our rooms. No one cares. There's not really any forks in the kitchen, only spoons and mainly knives. The ovens don't work. It's rhidiculous, & it's getting pulled down in 18 months.

None of this matters, it's the people that are here. And there are lots of wonderful people here. It's the people that make the experience, it's the people that you laugh with and carry with you in your heart when you leave. Memories of the place fade, but memories of love and smiles stay with you forever. It's this that makes me want to travel forever, how these people make me feel.

I should also mention darling Anna who has a heart of gold, the Frenchies, Olli and probably a whole bunch more people who have helped shape such a great stay. Thank you all.

Tomorrow it's time to move to Brisbane, & Mr Cam :) I didn't spend much time in Brisbane the last time round so I'm looking forward to having a good snoop about on this trip. I'm much looking forward to it. Then I'm back to Melbourne Ms Frances and Mr Michael there - so it's all good! Then it's time for London, and planning my return to world domination. I'm being picked up from the airport my Adam Robertson, which is lovely - team Binkertson is still strong. Won't be long till I see Nikki & Gee too so it's all super happy. Hoping to get to see Mr Markabre Charade & Christian Howard too, but only if I get lucky and theres a break in their schedules ;)

Nikita Sablier Creatives Networking Night 9th December people - BE THERE.


Nikita Sablier said...

Thanks for the shop plug! ;-)

Will also be the last Creatives Night in this shop I think - although nothing official there yet on moving details!!

Cant wait to see you though - bet you're not home long before jetting out again - looks like you've got the bug!!!

Huggles n stuff!!

Nikki xx

MadameBink said...

Nikki - I'm always up for plugging stuff ;)

ooooo so it might be a bit of a landmark event then huh? Funky!

If you hadn't seen already I'm gonna be heading off with Adam Robertson when I land and then we'll head to yours together :) Is there a Binky shaped space reserved at yours for that night or do I have to sleep in a box?