Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm nearing the end of my trip now. I'm now back in Melbourne, staying with the lovely Frances and hanging out with The Michael Marlborough when he's not working. Life is dandy. Only a few days left now, I'm sad to leave but excited for whats going on in my life back in English-land.

After Perth I headed to Brisbane and spent a lovely week with Mr Cameron Attree. I had a wonderful time with Cam, his friends and family. We spent a weekend out at a location a few hours away from Brisbane and got some fabulous work done.

I should tell you now that these shots hold alot of emotion for me. I'm scared of heights, so scrambling up and down the rocks and trees was challenge enough, let alone doing it nude and looking calm and happy! BUT I loved it, it's so nice to challenge yourself and I knew it'd be worth it with Cam behind the camera. It was an adventure!


I'm posting some test shots before the final image, shows the process a little :

After climbing down and through a cave we found this spot. This spot was lovely, until I was trying to climb out and failed. Mr Cam had to come to my rescue!

This one was my idea. We both liked the tree, and I decided to climb it. And persistantly tell Cam just how scared I was. BUT. I think we nailed it!

This cave was Cam's find, it really was this golden and shimmery. So beautiful! Took a lot to get me down there. My legs just couldn't reach the ledges etc that Cam was using. But we got there, and it was so very worth it!

For our stay we were in an Environmental Lodge. It was a great space to stay in but we weren't alone there....

There are so many more images to post, and I will as and when I can. Right now I'm focussed on what I'm doing next and making the most of my time left here. It's a long ole flight back to England, but I'm looking forward to rainy days where I'm cosy and snuggled up inside & a family Christmas etc


Adam Robertson Photography said...

england cannot wait to have you back, and i'm personally looking forward to lots of winter snuggling!

Chrissie_Red said...

Eeeek the spiders! nice one on getting to them heights, it proberly wouldn't have been me! Safe journey home Binkyboo, Im sure the UK has missed you and can't wait to see you back in time for santas visit.

Take care


MadameBink said...

Naww only just saw these, aren't you two cute. I love you both. MWAH.