Monday, October 19, 2009

Uluru & Kata Tjuta

This is not 'real time'. This is all bits of my diary from the past week....


I've done it. I've walked the base of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. I didn't climb Uluru, the Anagu ask that you don't. From what I can gather it's not so much that they don't want to share the site but to prevent injuries as people have hurt themselves and even died. There are no bars or steps to help you up or down and the climb and steep. You wouldn't expect the Pope to let you scale the outside of the Vatican & I don't see this as any different.

I watched the sun rise at Uluru & it was very beautiful watching the rock come to life with all it's colouring. The sun creeping up, highlighting the grasses, dessert oaks and spittle. The skies gradient from black to blue and orange growing more and more vivid. The rocks transformed from a black giant to brown to ocre standing all tall & proud. Like a peacock opening it's tail feathers for display.

The only thing you could wish to change is the noise levels. You couldn't appreciate the silence of the night before the day. The people talked and chatted excitedly as the sun rose. It distracted from the magical moment of a new day dawning. The noise, seemed unnatural & loud.

The base walk was spectacular. Starting off in the giants shadow and working round to meet the sun. The rock folds and forms caves. Some of which are sacred sites and out of bounds, others are not. Inside one of them I compelled to touch the rock, despite the sun not hitting this spot yet, the brisk morning air & chill of the night Uluru was still warm to the touch. That's amazing.

Further round at the halfway point, or there abouts, was my favorite section of the rock. A curved & flowing section of Uluru. Bulbus at the top, dipping inwards in the midsection then flowing back out at the base. Boulders clustered together sparsely as far as halfway up. Gorgeous lines making there way down and across the rock emphasizing the curves. So beautiful and magnificent.

Next up was the watering hole which seems remarkable in such a stark and baron place. Despite the name I was still some what suprised to see the water there. It was colder there, very refreshing from the heat that was building despite the early hour.

Kata Tjuta

Today I was up pre dawn once more to view Kata Tjuta. I was alone on the express bus this time, on the bus at least. The Olgas are not publicised. But I definately find them more interesting to observe. More interesting and delicately formed. A series of rocjs bigger and taller than Uluru in part.

By far less people at the viewpoint. A handful compared to yesterday. I feel Kata Tjuta is under appreciated. The sun seemed to dawn slower here. It trickled from one end of the rocks to the other, top to bottom.

Enroute to the start of the walk there were camels. I hadn't even realized camels were here until I read about them on arrival. So lucky to see them! They were aware of us but totally unbothered but the car. One was really close, I've never seen camels in the wild so it was extra special.

At Kata Tjuta, walking into the sun I could hardly see the path, not so good. Not flat like the base walk this means scrambling up rocks, across steep-ish paths and steps. But how fantastic. I can hear and see no one for the first whilst. I appreciate the silence, such a contrast from dawn at Uluru. Unfortunately, due to walking into the sun I couldn't get any decent pictures :(

I only come across people at the viewpoint. A group of 2 and their guide. They are silent. There is nothing to be said with views like these. I sit and for a while they remain before nodding their goodbyes and moving on. I sit and sit and stare. Facing the sun, the view is some what blinding but so beautiful. Sat up high but with the rocks still looming all around, the valley sweeping onwards below. I feel like I am a part of the scene unlike at Uluru where I was a mere visitor.

Kata Tjuta is softer and more inviting. Walking between the rocks, climbing and sitting on them feels more welcoming. It doesn't have the overwhelming spiritual meaning as Uluru does for the people here. Only the highest domes are sacred and theres no getting up there anyway. I prefer it here. This is the spot I'd want to return to. I feel the need to sing the unsung song of Kata Tjuta. Most people don't even know it's here until they arrive and even then many seem to ignore it. It lingers in the commercial shadow of Uluru and should command more then what it does.

Time with Mischa

I'm feeling very lucky and spontanious. I met Mischa my first night here and soon discovered he's a painter. We discussed doing a shoot and today we did one!

We went out to one of many sand dunes. We did some with Kata Tjuta in the background which made me very happy! I'm very lucky to be able to say I've done that. Such a fortunate experience - I'd never have been able to do it alone. I wouldn't of known where to go, how to get there, least of all how to do a self portrait.

We weren't there very long due to the heat and the flies. Mischa calls them space invaders which I feel is a very correct and descriptive way to refer to the irritating little buggers. After the shoot we fed some Minor & butcher birds. There was a little baby one too which was lovely.

I headed off and went for my helicopter ride. That was pretty fucking petrifying. But I did it, I liked it, despite my hands sweating like never before, and camera shake, I did manage to film the whole thing. I'd do it again - which kinda suprises me, but it's definitely worth the fear and anxiety!

No one escapes SunnyBunny, with Mr Mischa

Hot hot sand - thank you Mr Mischa!

Pictures of pretty :

@ Uluru

@ Kata Tjuta it's not quite that pink, I took this through my sun glasses.


Zoe Wiseman said...

badass! shame that people were chatting away as the sun was rising. i can never speak in those beautiful situations. i'm usually brought to my knees in silence. maybe they forgot to see. glad you saw! that's why you're so cool. :)

Dan said...

You get naked in the most amazing places!

I think I can believe that people would chat away with something so incredible happening in front of them - annoying ****holes.

attreeimages said...

Nice stuff Bink. I am so jealous!

Eric Scott said...

Thanks for sharing...and agree with other's comments. As part Native American, I appreciate the spritual connection with nature and respect other tribes...nature's music should always accompany such moments...not speech. One of my favorite things at mission beach was all the different bird sounds as the sun rose in the morning

Holly - Ivory Flame said...

Awesome images honey, well done!! The sunrise looks gorgeous, glad you had such great experiences :)

MadameBink said...

I'm a lucky Binky, what can I say? :)