Friday, October 23, 2009

Rocking images from Zoe Wiseman

Mission Beach 2oo9 :

the only thing thats more amazing then how awesomely happy I am with these photos from Zoe, is that there are more to come! 

'nuff said


Lady Lucie: Latex, Corsets and beyond...! said...

Theyre super beautiful! Waaaow! xx

Holly - Ivory Flame said...

These are magic, what a mesmerizing set, love the expression and atmosphere - beautiful xxx

Candace Nirvana said...

love love love. cant pick a favorite. Great work by you both!!

brooke lynne said...

Beautiful photos Binky!

My favorite is the 6th one. Beautiful form, beautiful reflection, and a dramatic sky. Wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Third from the top is my fav !
Fantastic model you are !

MadameBink said...

Thanks every one :) xx