Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A few days in Rotherham

And how wonderful it was. Only 12 minutes on the train from Sheffield! That was a nice start, I'm so used to long commutes to and fro for shoots so that made a lovely suprise.

After a days shooting Paul and I went out for some nom noms and I ate far too much in my usual way and slept very well all night in the local hotel. Which also made a lovely suprise from my usual hostels/sofa beds etc!

It was a very sucessful few days at the studio, every one was lovely and had ideas of what they wanted to do. Time flew by and I'm really happy with the images I have seen from it so far - and hopefully every one else is too!

Here are a few images....

Images supplied by Paul at Rowe Photographic http://studio-rotherham.mysite.orange.co.uk/


brooke lynne said...

I love the first image. Great job Binky!

Dave Rudin said...

Is everyone calling you "Binky" now, Binky? I may have to start calling you Madame von Binkenstein, or something like that.

Oh yes, I like the first photo, too.

MadameBink said...

Most people call me Binky/Bink/Binklet/StinkyBinky/Binkarama/Bink'a'Link the list is endless!