Monday, June 22, 2009

Times like these

Every cloud has a silver lining. The glass is always half full.

I've lost a bit of weight - it's made me appreciate the weight I had gained.
I lost some one - it's brought me closer to others.
My bank fined me - I got an extra job offer unexpectedly.
Tried to help a new model, failed - Reinforced friendship between myself & a model more experienced then me.

My flight to Milan is booked, I got the ticket through - all in foreign speak but I'm sure it'll get me to where I am going. The photographer rang today to tell me about a location in Tuscany he wants to take me to on day 2 of our shoot. I love location work, and I've never been to Tuscany = WIN.

I'm half way through my Lincolnshire Tours right now, had a good time of it so far despite less than perfect weather. So far every one seems happy though. Apart from Mwag whos car broke down and didn't actually make it to the shoot. Woopsie. I'll post images up from my tours as I get them through, really like a few - very summery looking!

Exciting news from IvoryFlame today, she has added gallery 'Harmony of Two' to her super dreamy website. A gallery featuring our work together. View it at >galleries > Harmony of Two. Check it out, it's a fabulous website and it's so lovely having our work put some where properly, especially on such a great site!!

But for now, here's an image I call 'Bejeweled'

more new images at

To finish, my fave image right now - from a wonderful American art nude model Ida Mae. Soon as I saw this, I fell in love with it. It's the look on Ida's face that really sets this image apart from other pregnancy pictures I have seen. She looks so happy, so content and it is conveyed so very very well. No eye contact, just pure emotion radiating from it. It's a stunning capture of a beautiful moment. Best wishes to Ida & bump!

(c)2009 Tony Thompson

Ida's MM


Travel Plans :
London 27th - 30th June
Milano 1st - 4th July
Scotland 10th - 24th
Preston - studio days
Cheltenham - studio days with IvoryFlame

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