Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enroute to Australia

I'm going to post updates of my holiday here. It may run a day or so behind 'real time' due to internet access but heyho :)

Date: 21st Sept
Location : Bangkok Airport

Bangkok airport seems to be a huge tent made from glass, metal and decorative floor times. It's so hot compared to on the plane. It was nice at first, the air seems fresh compared to the recycled stuff I was breathing before but now it just feels sticky and hot. Apparently it's 33C which is a rather large jump from the temperature at Heathrow when I left at 22.00 yesterday.

I was very pleased to find a smoking room & have sat and smoked during my brief stay here. Ornate statues line all the walkways, God's with bright blue and red faces. Stood on top of the decorative floor. Theres been an almighty thunderstorm, lightening flashes so clear and bright in the sky. It's bright outside, it's only around 17.00 hrs, but the bolts of lightening shoot down so clearly. They seem to fall from the sky forever working their way down to the ground.

big Blue Face!

big Red Face!

Date : 22nd Sept
Location : Sydney

I made my way through the airport with ease, I wasn't carrying any soil or seeds so they weren't interested in me at all. I strolled through and spotted the doors to the outside and started picking up my pace. Finally excited about my first properly holiday in years. I recognised a voice, mocking me - it was Phil! He'd suprised me and had come to pick me up at 6am :) Was a lovely suprise.

I've spent the day sleeping for the most part. Lack of sleep on the plane due to the passengers on either side of me brought that on. But I'm looking forward to getting back into bed any moment. I'm keen to keep my blog up to date on this trip so here I am typing away.

I was meant to head straight off into the Blue Mountains today but have decided to head off in the morning when Phil goes to work. The Blue Mountains will be the real start to my adventures, I'm excited to start doing some walking and lots of picture taking!


Dan said...

Heading to the blue mountains sounds like something from the lord of the rings - I'm very jealous now :(

MadameBink said...

It's very cloudy here - can't see much! Don't be jealous till the sun comes out and I'm taking pictures of the 3 sisters :P

Zoe Wiseman said...

I'm going to be different and say I like the second image. ;) hahaha.

I wish you a safe and happy traveling experience!

Zoe Wiseman said...

OK - that comment made absolutely NO sense whatsoever because the comments from your last post showed up instead. Nevermind.. but I still like the second image A LOT!

MetalDog said...

Are you in the middle of a dust storm? Hope you get clearer skies soon, but hey - historical weather has something going for it too.

MadameBink said...

@ Zoe : I was a wee bit confused for a minute there! But thanks ;) I shall be safe and I shall be a happy travelling, holidaying thing!

@ Metaldog : Yes dear cousin, I woke up in Sydney this morning and the sky was apocalyptical! Now up in Katoomba and the sky is back to it's normal colour!