Thursday, October 30, 2008

Waking up

fumbling with the computor till it decides it might do the same. Struggling down the stair case, discovering coffee. Returning I yawn as I sign into my accounts. I stop. What is this before me, two emails....both with images? Blimey.

So here they are :)
This first series is taken by Ron Skei, a photographer at the communityzoe event at the Joshua Tree I attended this year. Ron decided to do a series of sets having each model with a prop. In my case, SunnyBunny.

And specially editted ready for this years Halloween an image from my shoot with Stefano, Arno, Lauran Baker, Donna P with clothing from Victorian Muse.


I just got MORE images :) It's like Christmas for me today, 3 different sets of work sent to my inbox. I am a very joyful Bink.
This set is from Vernon Trent. We did a (very) brief set at Joshua Tree and these are the results. Hoping to visit Vernon in Germany next year :)


Dave Rudin said...

Hooray for Sunny Bunny!!!

johnrunning said...

this is an especially beautiful set

MadameBink said...


Thanks :)

Rebecca Lawrence said...

I just discovered this blog! Keep writing--I want to hear more about YOU and your exciting life!!!

AMAZING work with Vernon!

Adrian Popa said...

very nice pictures. congrats!

MadameBink said...