Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hectic time

I'm back in London, again. It's good to be back and catching up with people, I'm usually here so much but sinceAugust I've only been back twice. Got in last night from Inverness after visiting Alex Ingram (more about that later) and headed straight out to see Mr Tang who I haven't seen in ages so that was awesome. Then headed on home, rather later then expected, and crashed out. Sleep is good.

Plans for X-Mas are just about sorted so that's dandy, I'm so busy till right before X-Mas it's nice to know when I finish my last days work all I have to do is get where I'm going and the rest is all sorted. Now looking at birthday plans, think I'm roping friends and family into visitng Ireland with me for a few days.

It's sad to have left Scotland again, espechially after visiting Alex over in Lochcarron. I like it there so much, I never want to leave. Been there 3 times this year, think this trip was my shortest but well worth it as always. Bloody cold mind, big temperature difference between there and back here in London.

I have so many pictures to post, but I'm going to start with some by Alex from our time together in America this year. Haven't really posted them any where else yet, I'll have to get on that soon but todays 'To do' list is long enough at the moment.

IvoryFlame & Bink @ Sedona

Bink @ Salt Creek, Death Valley

Bink in a Charcoal Kilm, Death Valley

There's more versions of this, but I can't decide between the b/w and the colour. I uploaded the colour version to DA and people seem to really like it, but all feedback is appreciated. This was taken, like so much of Alex's work using just the natural light, I love it!

Bink in an old mine in Death Valley
Natural light again, long exposure with Bink trying to to wobble.

That's it for now from Mr Alex but more to come soon :)

But here are a couple of snap shots he took for me too :

IvoryFlame modelling with SunnyBunny at Sedona - on a very high road recommended to us by George Butch, was very beautiful, but very high! I like this one, sums up mine, Ivory's and Alex's time together.

The most amazing shop ever.

I took so pictures there too.....

I've now got all the picture that I took from my time in America so at some point there will be some rhidiculously long post with the best pictures on to share with you. The files are so big have to resize them online and then upload so it takes a while so don't hold your breath, the posts won't be up till nearer to x-mas/new year. But there are so great piccies to show you!!

for now here's some snapshots from my time in Scotland :)

The kitty cats :

Muse, Blob and Pru - only photie I have of them all together....

Blob the Mighty

Pru ... ( the best cat ;] ) ... unfortunately I was crap and cut her tows off....bad Bink

Pumpkins! :

From left to right : Ross's, catface and mine

I spent a super evening in" Edinburg" with Rossness, the fire work display was wicked :) They played lots of good music to go along with the fireworks, including POTC theme tune!!!

Some fo us didn't quite grasp the concept of a 'silly face' photo..... :

Jill made us a super duper pie..... :

Befoe you lot start mailing me, yes I know it's out of focus, no I didn't have my flash on and yes I will post a better one....later....

For now, Bink Out I have sent way too long on here!



Bruce said...

What a nice combination of pro work and home-style good family and friends.

Please get back to me on a possible photo shoot, with rates and details. I like your work. If I could find a business link somewhere here, I've have sent this request there. No doubt it's hidden somewhere, like at the top of the page ;-) .

Dave Rudin said...

What? No Sunny Bunny???

Dave Rudin said...

Oops! There he is, above the flaming hair.