Monday, October 27, 2008

Stop being a lazy Binky he said

So I decided to stop being lazy...

My trip to Ireland went impressively well with the wonderful IvoryFlame, images from our last tour will be up soon...promise! We went all over the shop this time, alot further spread then the last trip and I had a bloody good time. Despite getting soaked to the skin in Dublin and picking up an Irish bug. We did two studio days up at Antrim which went really well, it's always wonderful working with new people to challenge us working together in new and different ways. A big thank you to everyone, it was great to meet you/see you again.

Whilst we were there we stayed with a photographer we had both worked with before who was also playing host to an American model called Elizabeth. She and Holly made the red head twins. I have a photo I must upload. I can usually identify little Miss Ivory a mile off because of that wonderful hair of hers but out in Dublin with the two of them made things more interesting..... It was great to meet her as she was meant to be attending the CZ event but couldn't so this made up for it ;) The three of us even went for afternoon tea...
I'm now in Scotland again, this is one of 'my' places. I love it here. It's freezing mind, beyond cold at -1 today, wasn't expecting quite such harsh whether. Venturing to 'Edinburg' I had to dive into Acessorise to buy a hat and gloves...I had to buy something after loitering in there for near 45 minutres as the hail stones were flying so fast in the wind that they were hurting my head. I thought my scalp was going to bleed at one point. It's great to see everyone again, including the cats. Although one of them, Muse seems to think that she has replaced me as Ross's new Number One Female. No. I'm sure we'll make peace when she realises who's going to be feeding her whilst Jill and Foz are away....

So here are some last. My bad. These are from my shoot with Mick. Mick's a fabulous photographer, I really enjoy working with him. Be it in the studio or on location, even if I did have to 'bully' him into a location shoot! So take a look at these, feel free to let me know what you think :) I'm happy with them, very happy. The lights wonderful. These are my faves from what I have seen so far....

"Snap in time"

"Turning Point"


"Bends and Curves"


Vernon Trent said...

Oh my... the images are reeally wonderful.
Glad to read that you had a good time, Madame :-)

Sent you a messge some time ago, did you get it?


MadameBink said...

Vernon!! I contacted you through CA - no luck?

Try again, my email is working properly now :)