Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back in England....

Bloody cold here! I've been back a week and I'm still not used to it but it's refreshing after such strong heat in America.

My flight was delayed by 4 hours which made me very sad, I thought i might miss getting back to see my Dad. It was his birthday last Mondy and although i couldn't spend his actual birthday with him I wanted to see him before hand. So eventually, we land back at Gatwick, I say my goodbyes to Alex after a fabuloius week travelling through Arizona, California and Nevada with him, and wander off onto the express back to Victoria. I managed to get one of those digital picture frames for my Dad's birthday before heading off to Kings Cross and home.

My time at home was lovely after being away for so nice it was a great treat to see my family again. I talked about America, the wonderful people I met there and the amazing things I saw. If nothing else it's inspired me to carry on travelling as much as possible and more determined to do so.

With this in mind I'm very luck to be continueing my travels tomorrow. I head off to Ireland with IvoryFlame first thing for our second visit (my fourth) this year. Then i'm off to Scotland before heading back to London and on to Portugal and then Switzerland. I'll be home again at Christmas seems long way away when I think of the miles I'm going before then, but time will pass very quickly.

This whole year has sped by me far too quickly, I've loved every minute of it. No matter how tired I've been, or if somethings been getting me down, I've enjoyed the experience. That's what I want, lots and lots of different happy experiences, to see as much as possible and learn from all of it. All the people and things around me as I go along.

I've had 2 fabulous shoots in England since my return. The first with Stefano, we worked with Lauran a body painter and Arno a hairstylist as well as Donna the clothing Stylist. Of course alot of the work is nude but I did put clothes on as we went along this time. It was a great shoot and I can't wait to see the results! The next day I worked with Mick, it's the 4th time I've worked with Mick now, he's a great bloke who takes great pictures. I love the results so far :)

I've been seeing some of the first images from America :)


Dave Rudin :


brooke lynne said...

Can't wait to hear more of your adventures and travels! :)

Dave Rudin said...

I only see the dreaded red X instead of my photo, Binky! What's going on???