Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ola my lovelies

That is me ---- >

I have to work this thing out properly but hopefully this will proove to be a nice simple way of keeping in touch and seeing new work and travel drama articles all in one :)

So, yes. I am in America. It is my first trip to this land, and it is much fun. The community zoe event was amazing. I had a fabulous time, mad fabulous friends and I am missing everyone very much. Think it may next me till the next event to get over this one!
I did two shoots in LA, one with a beauty photographer, he used natural light for the first time!! The results are looking good and I will post when I can. The other was with The Zoe herself. And I will await them with great patience. We went up into the hills to where a fire had swept through the bushes and trees. It was very surreal seeing totally black trunks and branches with tender green stuff sprouting out every where.
I'll be back when I have image. Hopefully not long.

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MetalDog said...

I'd like to get my application to be your proof-reader in early, for when you're all rich and famous ;)