Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why hello 2016

Hello hello!

It's great to be here! I've been the length of the country [almost literally] already this year. From shoots in Cornwall to Banff Scotland, with a dash of Belfast, London and Dublin too. Phew! Great stuff!

I can't share all the images at once unfortunately. It'd just be too much! So I'm going to do a photographer or a city at a time until I'm all caught up. Expect many updates.

I'm starting with my first Conceptual Studio Day event from back in February. I'm running these throughout 2016, taking models you know and adding a twist. A full team of professionals is behind every event, from location, to lighting, to styling to make up - it's covered. Simply turn up! Co-Model for the d├ębut of my Model Morphosis was my partner in crime Ivory Flame. The theme was 'Dark Romance' elegant dresses, seductively dark make up and a wonderful location. We had 3 photographers join us for a sold out day of fabulous creative imagery! Big thank you to all involved <3 br="">

To hear more about my future events email me on The next is with gorgeous Roswell Ivory for a beauty nude day near Newarke. Places strictly limited!

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