Sunday, February 5, 2012


With all this cold weather it's brought me round to thinking about sunnier days and warmer shoots. As if by magic an email from Tim appeared in my inbox with photos from a wonderful Lincolnshire Tour shoot for which we had a gloriously sunny day last year. I really love these shots, taken around places I grew up visiting when I was little right through to my teenage years. It's great to revisit them and see how each photographer interprets the locations. I really love the sense of space Tim's captured in his photos, taking in a lot of the location and really making the most of it. I love them!

I will be updating my galleries with some of these, so do let me know your favourites.

Click on photos to make them bigger-er ;)


Holly - Ivory Flame said...

My lordy, your hourglass figure, in the corn field, in *that* pose kills me everytime. Beautiful stuff lady, stunning work created in gorgeous locations xx

Urban Pope said...

I love the long depth of field. It's more life like than HD. Beautifully composed as well.

Tim Pile said...

Thanks for posting them so quickly Bink, they look super.

With an amazing model and all locations provided one of your tours is certainly one of the best ways to get great images, and have a lovely day as well.

To paraphrase the ex-governor of California "I'll definitely be back!!"

MadameBink said...

Thanks for the feedback every one!