Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More from Cotswold Life Magazine

There were so many lovely pictures from our time at Aynhoe Park. I had such a fab day with the team, knowing everyone on board can be as exciting and inspiring as working with new people. Big thank you to everyone again :)

I love so many of the images, I want to add some to my portfolio but I'm not sure which ones...let me know what you think - help me out! 

Here are some of the unpublished images...

Models: Madame Bink (www.madamebink.co.uk) & Ivory Flame (www.ivoryflame.co.uk)
MUA: Sophie Chamings
Hair Stylist: Jay Jessop (www.jayjessop.com)
Assistants: Stefano Brunesci & Andy Doane
Clothing/Accessories: FEVA (www.fevadesigns.com)
Location: Aynhoe Park (www.aynhoepark.co.uk)

Photographer: Adam Robertson Photography

Copyright Adam Robertson Photography 2006-2011 All Rights Reserved - http://www.adamrobertson.co.uk/


Ella Rose said...

When I looked through these shots, I was drawn most to the first shot (landscape) where you're wearing the pink/magenta dress. It's a different expression for you - slightly girly, innocent and princessy - and so would be a nice addition for you I reckon. Hope that helps! Great shoot!

MadameBink said...

eee thanks Ella ^_^ Nice to get such detailed feedback!