Monday, December 6, 2010

A return to Scotland : Part 1

Starting off on location after my flight from Bristol at silly AM. Super cold. Super worth it.

Then into the studio, I like studios. They are warm.

All items here are mine from either Anatomic Bomb, Nikita Sablier or AM Statik!
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Holly - Ivory Flame said...

So lovely!
That second location shot is gorgeous, with that diagonal brickline, awesome composition, and your figure looks STUNNING!!!

And I love the first white lingerie shot, soo girlie & sensual, adore that lingerie set! x

Martin Woods said...

I agree entirely with Holly. The shot in front of the wall she mentions is gorgeous and your shape in it - WoW!

MadameBink said...

Thanks you two ^_^

Flameh : I am actually a little bit in love with my new white lingerie set. Glad you likey :D

Martin : Yup yup, was a fab location :D said...

I like the bottom photo a lot... unusual - is that a reel of film around your neck? all of the photos are very lovely

ERosanne said...

Super lovely!
Particularly like the location shots and the white lingerie.
I love Scotland. :-)

MadameBink said...

In the bottom photo I am wearing a necklace by AM Statik latex ^_^