Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunrise in Australia

this is a Team Binkertson project. It's not possible to go to some where so beautiful and not want to shoot. So shoot we did. Fashion, swimwear and nudes. Here are some images from a dawn shoot we did, a big thank you to Adam Robertson for being patient with a sleepy Binky and not minding getting up oh so early!

Some of them are a little similar but that's because I simply found it *too* hard to try and choose. You can see our NEW Team Binkertson branding as well. Love it. Thank you to Enaoddesign for his talent on that.

Click on images to make them BIGGER.

I love Australia.


SikArtist said...

simply breathtaking.

Cecilie Harris said...

looks like such an amazing location! lovely stuff binky :)

N. Sukumar said...

I really like the B&W image.

Martin Woods said...

5th one down gets my top vote but a really difficult choice as they are all gorgeous. I like that one particularly because of the quality of the sky and sea and the way the figure (your figure) fits into the landscape. It has a great sense of place and space. Wish I was there.

Jazmine Dominique said...

I absolutely LOVE these.