Sunday, October 3, 2010


Time for me to dig out my backpack and get ready for another adventure! This year is slightly different from my usual jaunts across the world. I'm bringing my boyfriend with me, Adam Robertson. It's going to be fabulous! A proper holiday together. YAY. Singapore - Australia - Hong Kong HERE WE COME. Just need to pack....we do leave tomorrow after all! It's going to be so amazing. I am so excited. Seeing new places, seeing friends old and new and dipping my toes into that oh so warm ocean. Bliss.

Expect a whole bunch of blogs from me whilst I'm gone. I'm going to update as much as possible so you can all join my adventure with me. And who knows, maybe next year I'll be coming to see you on my travels too!

I promise to try to :
- not get any tan lines
- say i'm going for only 3 weeks and stay 3 months like last time
- update my blog as much as possible
- enjoy my holiday!

If you email me whilst I'm gone I WILL reply asap. But please do email me on my private email : Acessing model sites abroad can be tough and I can get to my email much easier...
You can view my timetable for when I am back here or here - feel free to mail me about dates :)


Adam Robertson Photography said...


Grab your Banana Hammock Sheila ;)

Cecilie Harris said...

Have a lovely trip! Look forward to seeing you when you are back :) xx