Friday, September 24, 2010

Lady of the Manor

From one fantastic house to another. I spent a day with the wonderful Ciaran & Lorraine Whyte in Ireland not so long ago and it's about time I did a blog about it. Big thank you to Ciaran for the images! I've worked with this lovely couple on more then one occassion. They are super! Here are a few shots from previous shoots.... :

 By LoGill

 Previous work with Ciaran

 And now for the new images! Shot in a stunning house in Ireland. So beautiful. As always with these places I didn't want to leave... I'm so lucky to be able to visit and work in such amazing places. Thanks to both Ciaran and LoGill for a wonderful day! I love these images so much, beautiful lighting. Be sure to check out more of Ciaran's work.


Leovi said...

Preciosas, sensuales, poéticas, artísticas...

Urban Pope said...

Me....I talk too much, so I'll keep it simple. Warm, rich photos. Elegant