Saturday, September 11, 2010

Workshop Fun Time with Shirley Nicklin

So I have had SO many images from delegates already, it's actually crazy! Thank you so much chaps and chap-esses! But the so talented Shirley was first so here are her images... I'm sure there are more to come.

Now Shirley and me, we share something. And I feel some what more bonded to her then all the other delegates I worked with over the 3 day workshop. This is simpley because when I got in the lake [my own silly suggestion] after a while of being very cold and covered in goosebumps I decided it was time a photographer got in with me. Of course everyone thought I was joking, but not Shirley. She got right on in tha tlake with me. GO GIRL!

I was working for the Tamara Peel workshop and I had an absolutely fantastic time. I have so many images to share with you. For now, here are some from my water baby friend Shirley. Check out her beautiful photography people - it's well worth it! Thank you Shirley.

Photography : Shirley Nicklin
Location : Maunsel House
Workshop : Tamara Peel, alongside Damien Lovegrove
MUA : Vicki Waghorn


Anita De Bauch said...

Major love for the pearls-on-table shot! Stunning! :D

Cecilie Harris said...

The bottom image and the bathtub one are definitely my faves :)

DanR said...

Table, Pearls, Tree reflections, shot through a window and Super Bink...Great Shot!

Ella Rose said...

Love the bath shot!

Holly - Ivory Flame said...

Wow love the ones on the table! Beautiful! Especially the wide angle one under the chandelier, what lush colours, and your styling is fab, your eyes, everything - totally GORGEOUS!!

CJ Whichello said...

LOVE - You were such fantastic company too for the three days x

Kitten said...

Bink these are amazing, the pearls on the table shot is gorgeous but that sepia bath tub shot might be my very favourite of you yet, its stunning!