Tuesday, September 14, 2010

100 reasons to blog today

Signing on today and what do I see, I've finally made the leap from 99 blogspot followers to 100! Yay. Thank you so much every one :) I love blogging and it's awesome to think that at least 100 other people are enjoying it along with me!

If you have any suggestions as to what else you'd like to see me blog about let me know :) eg :
- more images
- more stories about the shoots
- more behind the scenes

Ok so images for today...hmmm. I'm going to post some of my all time fave photos from the past 3 years.I can't post them all so here is a small selection. Maybe when I get to 150 or 200 followers I can do it again. Thanks again everyone!

[Above Alex Ingram, Scotland. Top right Howard Brundett, Switzerland. Bottom right Roberto Aquilar, London .]

 [Left LoGill, Dublin - Ireland. Right Si Young, Gloucester. Bottom Stefano Brunesci, Bath]

[Top to Bottom. Feat IvoryFlame taken by Adam Roberson [A Team Binkertson project], Adam Robertson [A Team Binkertson project for Lady Lucie], Eric Kellerman, Holland]


Adam Robertson Photography said...

Yey well done on reaching 100... :D

Thanks for the mention, that first Binkertson shoot feels like soooo long ago now x

Urban Pope said...

Your "ladder" photo is perfect. You look like a marble statue. The entire photo is well composed and the contrast between you and the stones is really nice. Great, great work!