Monday, February 15, 2010

Nikita Sablier closes their doors

The end of the road for Nikita Sablier at Kingly court. It's time for the shop to find a new play ground after a year of memories from their first store, the shop shut it's doors last Sunday.

Helping them pack up, with the jukebox blaring out tunes, was stress free. Everyone chatting or dressing up for very last minute buys. I can't talk, I ditech my sweeping & cleaning mission in favour of a cash point to purchase a petticoat before it got packed away!

Day 2 saw our minion army decrease to shop owner Nikki, Lori who has worked there since the very beginning and myself. Taping up the mirrors before smashing off the wall was no small effort. Some what satisfying but strange was the thought that no longer would there be person after person beaming at their reflection as they tried on something that took their fancy. But we still had the jukebox, and, I discovered i'm really quite good at using polyfiller to patch up the holes left by removed raw plugs!

I can't imagine a trip to London without a trip to Nikita Sablier, it's been my second home in London. I've helped organise and host networking nights there, modelled for them and generally hung round the shop when ever possible to maximise my time oggling outfits I want! Thank God the shops stil online! It won't be long till they find a new haunt and when I do I'll be seeing you all at there for the grand opening :)

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