Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bye bye 2009

it's been a long old year, times gone super fast but so much has happened. I've been pretty lucky with travel this year :
4 trips to Scotland
2 trips to Ireland
Many, many days in London
2 trips to Lanzarote
1 lonnnggggg trip to Australia
A brief stay in French France, amazing land of food Germany & Spain.

& a whole world of places inbetween. I got to spend some time in the Shire this year for my countryside tours. That was fun, roll on next years tours =]

Places you might of seen me online or in print :
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Scarlet magazine, adverts for Nikita Sablier
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H&E Magazine
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 Deviant arts news as a featured model
The wonderful Cameron Attree's website
Vernon Trent's awesome site in 'The Bluest Blues'
Carrie Leigh's Nude magazine
Michael Marlborough's gallery, site & xmas magnet!

It's been a fabulous year, big thank you to everyone whos been a part of it. Each and every single person I've met this past year has been a part of the reason why I've had such an awesome time. So thank you :) 

Hello 2010.

Dream travel plans would be:
Canada - need to sightsee
America  - still lots to see
Australia - cause it's my new home from home
Scotland - cause it's my fave place in the world
South Africa

or something like that. Chances of getting everywhere is very slim as I have a bad habit of extending my trips once I have arrived at my chosen destination. Australia was an extreme example, a 5 week stay turning into a 10.5 week stay. Ooops.

Other plans :

Got Team Binkertson project on the go now as well, all that will commence in the new year. Very exciting. Great excuse to get creative and have fun along the way. If you're not already aware of Team Binkertson, you really should be. I can only assume your not on Facebook or Twitter and this is the first time you've read my blog if you don't know about it. So here's the link for you : LINK & people it's BinkERTSON not Team Bink or Team B or BinkerSTon or anything of the sort. It's Madame Bink and Adam Robertson = Team Binkertson. It's not hard guys :P

I want to try and do more travel writing next year too. I find it hard keeping up with all of it and what not but I really should make more of an effort. Be it by hand or online here, I should try and just get on with it. I go to so many amazing places, I don't want to forget any of them or the people along the way. I did quite good with Oz, but I go to so many other places aside from these big trips.

Let ya'll know about my new website more : which is taking shape now thanks to these lovely people. More on that in future posts for sure, as this bloggy will become more redundant as I move everything onto my website. I'll still keep this some what active of course but be prepared for a shift of location =]

I'm also a bit of a scrap book diva. I love making them. I still haven't finished the one I did from my sight seeing trip in America last year, let alone started one for Australia. I need to get the cash and the supplies together and lock myself away for a week and do it. Probably in the Spring time so I can sit outside and do it. Cause I'm a bit of a girl sometimes.

OH and it would seem I've been nominated for this, so please do go vote :) thank you VOTE HERE

I think that will do for now. Thank you everyone once more. I hope 2010 is an amazing year for all of us, I've got a good feeling about it that's for sure!

Much love,



Adam Robertson Photography said...

2010 will be all about the alt modeling and high fashion ;)

or all about the Binkertson, i'm hoping the latter!!

Happy New Yearrrrrr!! <3

Eric Scott said...

Glad I got to share a small part of your adventures. Many more final images in the making. Hope our paths cross again soon. I was always a fan, but after working together I admire you even more. You bring such a unique presence to an image that haunts (in a nice way) the viewer, as well as your work ethic (or ability to ignore pain). PLEASE do more have such a lovely way of expressing yourself. All the best in 2010 and beyond.

chubbix said...

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