Thursday, October 1, 2009

Phil...there's a goldfish in here!!

Catch up time! So lots of days crammed into one post I'm afraid.

Crescent Head - Stop Numero Uno

Enroute to Byron Bay

This was just before we picked up a hitch hiker. Our biggest regret about picking up Mr Hitch hiker was we couldn't stop and take a picture of a sign. "Bald Knob Road" Who wouldn't want their picture taken with that?!?

Brief drinkies at Byron Bay - Phil's happy face.

Sunrise at Byron Bay where the locals get up around 5am to walk their dogs. We got maybe 5 photos done before we had to pack up!

Mr Lizard @ Dreamworld

Mr Croc @ Dreamworld

Bink && RooRoo @ Dreamworld

Koala's @ Dreamworld
Bink && Koala @ Dreamworld

Bink (with my new Koala ears) & Phil @ Dreamworld


today we managed to get some actual shooting done, after travelling around 1000 km's & 3 nights later with stops at The National Motorbike Museum, Dreamworld, The Big Prawn etc, 1 hitch hiker & a giant lizard, we did some pictures! YAY!

We were at a waterfall up in the hills behind the Gold Coast & the rock pools when Phil said to me from across the pool " There's a goldfish" I insisted that there was no goldfish but then...."Phil....there's a gold fish in here!" I didn't know goldfish lived in rockpools in Australia....especially at the top of mountains!!

Tomorrow more miles to be driven. Then on to Cairns. Where I shall do some catch up blogs with more detail :D Got some videos of rides, walks and Jumbledat playing in Sydney.




charles said...

lovely travelogue. i was there this past winter and it is a lovely place...koalas, kangaroos, other exotic creatures abound...have a great time...

MadameBink said...

Oh I am! Thank you :D