Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue in Sweden

This year I was lucky enough to head over to Sweden to shoot with Technical Boy! I always love working with Dan, we never have that much of a plan but we always get some great shots and have lots of fun along the way. You can see some of our other work together on his shiney nice website here.

These images were shot in my shower room. I was staying in a super nice hotel, all very minimalist and funky. The shower sporting dark grey tiles and and blue perspex panel [to the right of the image] hence the blue theme to these images. 

We got SO manay amazing photos that I love love love that trying to narrow them down into a blog is almost rhidiculous. So expect more then one blog of these, and please give me feedback as to which your faves are to help me narrow it down for my portfolios. I'm really struggling and your feedback is vital! 

If you click on photos they will appear huge in a new window - giant Bink warning.



Daniel López López said...

Great! I like the light and the blue colour of the photos.


Urban Pope said...

Number 8 is the one (I feel) that would best promote your skills and form in a portfolio.

RandJ-Photo said...

My choices would be number 1 for the strength and form of the composition.
And number 14 for the emotional feel.
Plus any that show the length and fullness of your hair.

Urban Pope said...

Okay, it seems from the comments that we aren't helping you narrow your selections down very much. So here is my expanded list in no special order: 2,4,10,20,8.
8 is still the best.

Daniel López López said...

My favourites are 1 and 6.