Friday, December 9, 2011


Vinnie the snake was a wonderful co model on my shoot with his wonderful owner John. This shoot was so much fun, relaxed yet challenging. John was very easy to get on with and shoot with. Vinnie however knew what Vinnie wanted to do, so it was very much a case of working around him! Trying to make interesting shapes etc whilst at times balancing the lovely Vinnie on me some where made me really think about posing! I love snakey snakes, hope to do more shoots with John and Vinnie in the future!

Clicky click on photos to make them bigger-er ;)


Urban Pope said...

I think you should get an award for this project.
The snake gets the award for the third shot.

Mike Cary said...

Love the head shot!

PENISART said...

also hairy women are current.