Sunday, November 6, 2011


November has seen the latest publication of Cotswold Life Magazine. A monthly magazine which includes fashion editorials. I modeled along side Ivory Flame for Adam Robertson earlier in the year [see the scans here and more images here] and now again along side the lovely Jay Jessop for this months feature. Hurrah!

I've worked with Jay before, but normally when we shoot together she is the hair and make up artist. And very good she is too, you can see our work together before published here and here. But Jay is also an agency signed model and just generally a lady of many talents. So with Jay modeling we had the very wonderful Vicki doing our hair and make up. I've worked with Vicki before too on Lovegrove workshops and also Binkertson Tuition shoots.

It was lots of fun, a big team of people including Candia the assistant editor coming along and providing us with lots of smiles and noms! Vicki Waghorn did hair and make up <3 It was a massively fun day and shoot, big thank you to every one involved.

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Urban Pope said...

It's always fun to get published