Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spider Bink

Another shot by Deirdre Marie from Dublin. I bloody love this photo! It's being dubbed 'Spider Girl'.Big thank you for sending it to me to blog lady! Click on it to see it BIG.

I'm also planning trips at the moment, take a look, if I'm in your area and you'd like to book me please email me at :D

Hemel Hempstead - Wed 9th November [until 6pm]
Hull - Tues 15th & Thurs 16th November
Scotland [Glasgow/Fife/Edinburgh] - 24th November

Another surprise for me was that the lovely lady who took the photo above decided to get a tattoo based on one of our photos together - see below. What an honour! I've been turned into a mermaid too yay ^_^ Image was censored for facebook which is under the impression that nudity is evil. Silly facebook.


GIF said...

I like this spider

Amir Mohammad said...
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MadameBink said...

Haha thanks :D