Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ever fancied a trip to the countryside? WILTS/GLOS in JUNE

Where am I?
I am only 26 miles from the M5 Junction 11a.
I am only 7 miles from the M4 Junction 16 and 13 miles from M4 Junction 17.

I've moved! I now live in Wiltshire and have discovered a wealth of locations all within a 30 minute drive of where I live. From wild grass meadows to derelict round houses I've got something to cater to everyone!

What happens on a tour?
I offer reduced rates when working in my local locations, all within a 30 (allowing for tractors etc) minute drive from my house so if you fancy a cuppa it's not far to go at any point during the day! The day is meant to be a relaxed one, no insane speeding to get to locations or anything of that kinda thing. We bumble round to numerous locations, some suited more to art nude [woodland] and some suited more to fashion and portraits [beautiful stone buildings of an open, but very quiet, railway station]. I also can't guarantee weather - I could try asking God but I'm not sure if he/she knows what it'll be like on the day of our shoot either.

As a part of this I do ask for a £50 deposit, that way if we fall out of touch in the run up to he shoot, I still know ya'll are coming and you know I will be there = relaxed. The total cost is £175.

What do you get for your £175?

Up to 8 hours dotting round locations taking pictures in lovely countryside.
Tea and coffee on tap.
The option of mixing location work with studio work.
A vast collection of highstreet fashion from casual day wear to formal evening dresses AND designer latex and corsetry.
My home studio as a back up option if we are unfortunate with weather.

No travel expenses for me + a reduced rate + locations on tap = Bargin!

What do you need?

You will need a car, as I don't have one. I can not pick you up from the train station, it's too far for me to walk.
You will need a camera.
I would suggest a tripod, I have one you can borrow if need be.

When can you book?
Saturday 18th June
Sunday 19th June
Mon 20th June
Tues 21st June
Wed 22nd June
Thurs 23rd June
Friday 24th June - BOOKED
Saturday 25th June - BOOKED

Sunday 26th June

How can you book?
Email me - info@madamebink.co.uk

Below are a couple of shots taken in these locations and here is my website link which features images taken in local locations and home studio:

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