Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colour Me by Ellen Rogers

I went to London the other week for a shoot with the amazing Ellen Rogers and her team to shoot some images. It was such an amazing day, shooting in the shop - Prangsta Costumiers surrounded by all these gorgeous outfits and props. Lots of fun! Here are the results...

Photography - Ellen Rogers
Stylist - Holly Jade
Hair - Suzie Love
Set Designer - Holly Jade


Anita De Bauch said...

These are fucking amazing!!! They look like old photos of Anton LaVey (in a good way)! LOVE!

Holly - Ivory Flame said...

Oooh I like the last 2, but they are quite creeepy, especially you with the horns, you're like a demon crouching in the corner, like if I entered that room I may not notice you at first with all the clutter then suddently I'd realise you were a creature... eek! Love the colours in the last shot too, so old fashioned and fairy like.

SikArtist said...

Are these ever going to be sold as prints anywhere?