Friday, March 25, 2011

Nikita Sablier by Riccardo de la Venetzia

Had an awesome shoot last weekend with Nikita Sablier styling a photo shoot for photographer Riccardo de le Venetzia. It was great fun, as we all knew each other and had worked together separately before, so was awesome to work together as a team on a shoot. Nikki is awesome at putting outfits together quickly to create different looks. I love working with her :D And getting to see images so quickly after a shoot is always awesome - thanks guys!

Here's a few photos - click on them to view them bigger ;)

In other news I've had two super exciting shoots this week. Hopefully have images back from Monday's shoot at New Cross, London next week to share with you. Very, very excited. Working with new people is always exciting and I can't wait to see the results. All shot on film so didn't get any sneak previews on the day - love it! Whether it's a new photographer/team or reuniting with friends shooting is so much fun. Each shoot is different, a different vibe or energy.

Let me know which of these photos you like the most :)

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