Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011 - what can you do for me?

Dear 2010, it's been amazing! Thank you! So much has happened and I've loved it. I'm sad to see you go but I can only hope things continue as well as they have during my time with you. Things that've happened in 2010:

- I have been published in Scarlet Magazine for Nikita Sablier
- I have had images in Zoe Wiseman's exhibition at Fiat Lux
- I have shared my first year with my partner Adam Robertson Photography
- I have moved, and now live in Wiltshire after 3 years on the road
- I have been back to Australia, visited Singapore and explored Hong Kong
- I have modeled for amazing workshops, including Wedding Imagery with Jerry Ghioni and with July Lovegrove for Fine Art portraits
- I have been published in books and magazines worldwide with art nude images by various talented photographers
- Modeled for clothing designers such as Hedonia, Lady Lucie Latex, Nikita Sablier, Am Statik & Harold Kensington

Dear 2011, I would like a few things to happen before 2012:

- I would like to travel more
- I would like to get more work published
- I would like to focus on areas of modeling other then nude
- I would like to organise more Team Binkertson workshops and really push our private tuition packages forward
- I would like to find a skin care regime that works for me
- I would like to attend more network nights

I hope everyone has a fantastic year! And if you think you can help me achieve my little wishlist for 2011 get in touch


Tezzebell said...

Sounds like a good list of wishes to me! I may be able to help with the 3rd :D Looking forward to working with you! xxx

Adam Robertson Photography said...

2010 was damn awesome, But I think that 2011 is going to be DAMN AMAZING! Thanks for making my 2010 one of the best years in a long time. Love you x

cenevols said...

I like the travel more to the rest, pretty good as well, especially in the lights of fame and fortune... said...

happy 2011!

Anonymous said...

Yes I can! Everything will happen - New Year 2011 ;)