Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5am with Cam the man

This is not the first time I've worked with Cam, and I'm not planning on it being the last. I love working with him and love the images. Today I received a whopping 164 photos. Choosing is ridiculous. I can't. I keep changing my mind! You can see more here, feel free to comment to help me choose.

We started the shoot in the warmth of the sea, running through poses for both stills and some HD video which Cam has used snippits of to create cool slideshows of his work. We spent some time on the beach, between the sea and sand as well as a lone palm tree. Palm tree prooved to be more awkward to pose on, the angle was challenging as it was so steep and not mych to grip onto to stop myself sliding, but I love the photos.

Next was back to the house to shoot some fashion, portraits, corsetry and of course more nudes! The lighting is so beautiful and the bathroom with no roof was pretty amazing!  

I'll post a video soon :D

Here are my current faves :


ERosanne said...

These are lovely, I adore the second one down - very light and effortlessly beautiful.

Urban Pope said...

I agree with ER but including number 4 for the same reasons. It's all in that calm and confident face. Great personality showing through. The third is an all around beautiful photo. That would get wall space. Really great camera angle and framing of the ocean.

Cecilie Harris said...

For some reason the bottom one is my fave, but I can't quite explain why. Just love it :)

Anita De Bauch said...

1st, 2nd and 4th are my faves, but they're all beautiful :D