Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Body Parts

It's not often I post up close up shots, I'm not sure why. I love the lighting on some of these. Make shapes can be much more challenging with abstract shots. You have less of your body to use to make an interesting shape and to work with the light. Here are a few examples from various shoots :

By Lee Brown, in Reading

By Lex Eleven, in my spare room Wiltshire

By Lee Brown, in Reading

 By Rebecca Imogen Tun, in Cambridge


Vernon Trent said...

stunning set, Binks!

N. Sukumar said...

Very interesting; love it!

Holly - Ivory Flame said...

I love the first one, your amazing shoulderblades! You know I adore my abstracts! :-)

Adam Robertson Photography said...

WOW - not seen that top photo before, it's awesome. Love abstract shots!

Anonymous said...

The first image is my favourite! So beautiful xx