Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lincolnshire Tours : Take III

This June I held my third round of Lincolnshire tours and had a great time doing so as well. I've got lots of blogs to do on the 2 weeks of location work I did for this so expect more posts. These tours are quite personal to me as Lincolnshire will always be my home and I don't get to go there much now. It's one reason why I do my Lincolnshire Tours, it's an excuse to go back and also to show off some of the beautiful places there. I don't think many people know much about Lincolnshire bar hearing of Skegness, Mablethorpe and Grimsby. So it's reall nice to share some of these locations that I've been visiting since I was young with people. I'm starting off showing images from Nige.

Nige has been on my tours every year so working with him was extra special on this thrid tour. It was super challenging as I knew he had been to most of my locations before but obviously I wanted to help him create new and exciting images. I think we more then managed it! Although we did re-visist some locations we had been to before I managed to think of a few new spots and I'm so happy we gave it a go.

This was in a run down farm we spotted. It took us a good 20 minutes to walk up the super steep track in the blazing sunshine. We could of gotten up there to find it was all sealed off but we decided to risk it, the idea of it being suitable to work at as a new location for Nige as motivation and the gamble paid off. Whilst many areas were sealed off or padlocked shut one of the old out house was left open. We darted inside into the very welcoming shade and grabbed the above shot.

These shots to the right were taken in two seperate locations. The top images was taken at a layby with these wonderful views of the Lincolnshire Wolds running behind me. Lincolnshire is not flat people. It all looks so peaceful in the photo. You wouldn't think that there were great big noisy trucks rattling past whilst we were shooting.

The bottom images was taken in a nature reserve a bit further inland. It wasn't at all busy so we could relax a little bit more when doing this set. The sky was so blue during this part of the day. It was all very beautiful and I loved being able to enjoy the sunshine properly for a little while.

The image below was in another small abandoned building and despite being dark we did a few shots there. Nige was working with natural light and I really like the dramatic results that were created as a result. The old machinery looks so ery. It was all very run down and smelly. Rotting hay (and God knows what else) covered the floor, all soft and spongey. We had to be very careful whilst working there.

And now for my last two images. These are my absolute favourites from the day. Every year, me and Nige have been very sucessful with the images we have gotten on the beach. Weather it's been super rainy or theres been a few people about so we have to work fast we've always gotten images we love there. And this year was absolutely no exception. I fucking love these photos.

Thank you for such a super day Nige, it's always great working with you!


Nige said...

What a wonderful account of a great day we shared. The thanks go to you Bink for the work you put into allow me to come away with some fantastic images. To think I had small doubts in returning for a 3rd time and even suggesting that going back to the beach might not work for me again - how wrong I could have been. Thanks again Bink said...

i love the black & white photo

Candace Nirvana said...

youre such a talented lady. i love stopping by to see the magic!

Kitten said...

I love these, especially those beach shots, the second one leaves you with somewhat of a question as its not clear at first how on earth you are balancing!
haha, Grimsby is just not a good selling point for Lincolnshire. And I can vouch for the fact that we have beautiful rolling hills and countryside!