Sunday, March 7, 2010

Valentines Day Weekend

Valentines day weekend. Hectic! But utterly fabulous. Starting off travelling to London to shoot with two of my favourite creatives. Technical Boy and IvoryFlame, most of which was spent in make up to create a tribal theme. We played around with movement and longer exposures to create intimate, firelight dance images. They worked really well, definately something different from the work Flame and I normally do. Of course we went on to do some more posed shots under a brighter and distinctly less orange light whilst keeping hold of the tribal theme. Awesome outfits made by IvoryFlame!

Wiping the make up off and running back to the tube gave me precious few moments to catch up with Flameh but I gad to get to Camden so couldn't afford to dillydally! Meeting Adam outside the Purple turtle and darting straight inside to get into my outfit. Three shots and the shoot was over. This shot is a present. It's not my usual thing as you may be able to tell, I couldn't take it bery seriously! It's for the beautiful Ella Devine. A fabulous alternative model who I have worked along side for Nocturnal Magazine and Nikita Sablier Fashion shows. If all else fails we see each other every other month at Festival of Sins, which we have both modelled at and I now write articles for on their shows. So here I am, in the outfit Ella requested. 

Happy belated birthday darling, I'm sorry I didn't see you for longer on your birthday.

After that we waited for Seef . An alternative male model friend of mine and Adam's before heading off. It was my first time working at TG before, I haven't even attended for years. Always too busy with work and more often then not, out the country at the time. I was working for Photobooth. It was enjoyable, and I'd definately do it again. I worked through till 2am and really loved seeing so many people just loving having their photo taken both with and without me. I also got to meet some people I've spoken to online but never in the flesh, hello Roswell Ivory, hello Ruby True! 2am came and Adam picked me up, he'd just finished working at FoS, and we headed home.

Seef & myself

Not getting in till 4am meant we didn't get up until gone noon and then spent most of the day in bed. We agreed not to do any admin at all so we did nothing but relax for a day which was great! It's not something either of us are particularly used to, normally either working or organising future work on a daily basis. The evening came and we had curry with Adam's parents, sister and her partner. Not exaclty a romantic night in for 2 but a really nice evening all the same.


Holly - Ivory Flame said...

Great post honey, but ahem where is my STYLIST credit for my amazing fur pelts? lol! Great shoot and LOVE Adam's pic for Ella - it's awesome lighting and I love your look, gorgeous as eva!

Dan said...

Yeah Flameh's newfound stylist talents were the salvation of the shoot!

MadameBink said...

OK I changed the post...happy? :P

Adam Robertson Photography said...

Awww thanks for the mention ^_^

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