Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Isle of Skye

I arrived at Alex's last night after travelling up from Kincardine. I met Alex at Inverness and we headed back over to his at Lochcarron. I haven't been here for a little while so it was nice to be back, seeing the familiar roads and landscapes again.
I first came to Alex's in Feb last here and was very lucky with the weather, bar one day it was clear skies and no wind in most places, despite the bitter cold. I always find modelling is much harder when theres a wind blowing. Even a cold breeze can make a big difference.
Here's an example of the work we did on that first shoot:

I still really like this picture, I like the extreme arch shown in my shadow. You can see how strong the sun was, how clear the sky is, there was a tiny breeze as this was on the coast but I like it catching my hair.

But my all time fave shot by Alex is this one below, shot in an old Bothy near him. It's one of my all time fave pictures, where I look at it and still feel happy with it and not wanting to go back and mess around trying to get it better.


Back to this trip! Today Alex took me over to the Isle of Skye as I had never been there. The weather was a bit naff, the wind incredibley strong and often raining quite heavily. But I throughly enjoyed exploring it as I have never been there. It's a shame we couldn't do a picture to immortalise my first trip in an image but I'm keen to return.

I still hope to do a trip next year of a few of the Islands, including Rum. Not all due to it's name, but because of it's reputation for great diverse wildlife and unspoilt viewpoints. I want to end up in Lewis but definately going via Skye. I want to island hop for around a month I guess.

I'm planning on renting a self catering place on Skye in order to run some location shoots from there. Skye is SO easy to get to from Scotland and the rest of the UK infact. It would mean I could stay in one place for a change but provide photographers with new locations & accomedation if needed. With the aim of perhaps getting a few family members up and spending some time with my boyfriend there also.

It's given me drive to get back to planning it and making it a reality. It was good to go also because it's been a while since I have just upped and gone some where. Last I did that was to Switzerland. Every where else since has been revisiting places I have already been on more then one occasion really. I don't mind this at all, it's nice to work with people repeatedly as you get to know them better and enhance your working relationship. Nice to see a familar face also. But I do love just going some where, cause I want to. There may be no other reason other then I fancy it, or like Switzerland I wanted to see snow ;) not that I wanted to work with anyone or anything :P So it was nice for Alex to just say 'Let's go to Skye' he knows I like to explore new places and it really is what I needed.

Feeling happy and refreshed. Yay.



Dave Rudin said...

Be sure to say hello to Lord Ingram for me, will you?

Vernon Trent said...

guess I'm going to visit you then :)

MadameBink said...

@ Dave : Will do!

@ V : Wooohoooo :)

R Singh said...
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Jessica said...
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swati said...

I have made 2 new year resolutions to visit Scotland and to lose weight.