Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heights : Bink Bridge

For those that know me, they will know that I am not the fondest of heights. So the following story may be of interest.

Today Alex suggested a railway bridge. We have done 'Bink Bothy' 'Bink Broch' and 'Bink Boat' so 'Bink Bridge' could be next.

The bridge was very interesting and had girders along the outside of it. Standing on the first one I felt ok despite being above the ground on a narrow piece of metal. Alex took a test shot and having looked at it I decided it would be better if I was further along. So I tiptoed my way across to the next girder along the side of the bridge.

We took around 9 shots, before Alex shouted over saying to make my way back onto the bridge. Reviewing the images we were both happy that we needed to do no more. Walking back to the car we stopped by the river to look back at the bridge, looks like I was around 20 ft above the water.

I'm proud of myself for doing it and I am happy with the images. Below are my 3 favourites. I was hoping you would suggest which out the 3 you prefer.

NB: No model was harmed during the making of these images, despite the photographer having a mini panic attack out of concern for my idea.


unbearable lightness said...

Omg, I have acrophobia, and I could never do this! I like the first one best because you are not holding on. As long as I could hang on like a cat, I'd be OK, but not like you are in the first.

Very brave of you!

MadameBink said...

Thanks ^_^